Code enforcement, not sheriff, to license cannabis businesses

Cannabis business licensing in San Diego County will move from the Sheriff’s Department to the county’s Planning & Development Services, substantially lowering fees for the service.

On Tuesday, the Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to transfer responsibility for the licenses for existing legal marijuana businesses, switching it from a law enforcement to a code enforcement function.

“Many other jurisdictions have made similar transitions or established new cannabis licensing programs housed within planning or development services departments,” the board letter on the item said.

The decision is part of a broader plan to expand cannabis licensing in the unincorporated county. It affects the five existing legal marijuana operations but doesn’t include measures to authorize or regulate new businesses.

Until now, the sheriff’s deputies have been responsible for conducting background checks on personnel with cannabis businesses, as well as safety, security and compliance inspections of their operations. Under the new system, code enforcement officers will perform those tasks, using the same Live Scan system that deputies have used.

The change will cut license fees by about two-thirds, from $49,460 under the Sheriff’s Department to $16.673 with Planning & Development Services, and will take effect on Dec. 16. Business operators will receive prorated refunds for the difference between the fees they have already paid this year and the reduced fees under the new system.

Although they don’t all agree on plans to expand cannabis operations in the unincorporated area, supervisors said the change would free up the sheriff’s deputies time

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A roar of corporate earnings came out this week and last, and the information piling up from the backbone-of-American-buyers companies like Coca-Cola (KO), Mattel (MAT), GM (GM), Hilton, American Express ( AXP) offers a fuller picture of what’s going on in this country than we’ve had in the past.

Amid a nearly international consensus that America is headed for, or possibly already in, a recession, earnings of some of the top consumer and lifestyle companies continue to provide more than a smidgen of hope.

Then again, as comedian John Cleese once said, “it’s not the despair…I can stand the despair. It’s the hope.”

So here’s a look at the good news. To be sure, we’re cherry picking, but perhaps there just might be enough of it to keep the Fed from hiking interest rates a third of a percentage point on Nov. 2.

–Hilton Hotels this morning revised its fourth-quarter outlook up, citing “a pandemic recovery.”

– On Tuesday, GM announced quarterly earnings rebounded 48% as semiconductor supply chain issues began to resolve, and Coca-Cola reported net revenues jumped 10% to $1.1 billion in the third quarter.

– Mattel offered a reserved outlook for the holiday season but beat analysts’ forecasts. It bragged that toy car sales are zooming, as are Barbie-related entertainment partnerships.

–American Express last week reported its third-quarter revenue rose 24%, chiefly due to a return to travel.

The economic outlook is bleaker in Europe, of course, but the picture that these

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Thai business mogul and trans activist purchases Miss Universe Organization for $20 million

IMG has sold the Miss Universe Organization (MUO), which oversees the annual pageant, to the company of Thai transgender business mogul Anne Jakapong Jakrajutatip. It is the first time a woman has owned the organization in its 71-year-history.

Jakrajutatip’s Thailand-based media group, JKN Global Media Public Company Limited, purchased MUO for $20 million, according to The Associated Press.

The businesswoman, who is also a reality TV star in Thailand, said she is pleased to carry on the legacy of the Miss Universe Organization, calling it a “strong, strategic addition to our portfolio.”

“We are incredibly honored to be acquiring The Miss Universe Organization and working with its visionary leadership team,” Jakrajutatip said in a statement announcing the acquisition. “We seek not only to continue its legacy of providing a platform to passionate individuals from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and traditions, but also to evolve the brand for the next generation.”

Amy Emmerich and Paula Shugart, the MUO’s current CEO and president, will continue to hold those roles under the new management, the statement said.

Emmerich said both executives look forward to building upon the Miss Universe organization through this new purchase.

“Paula and I see a tremendous opportunity with JKN to create further growth for this organization on the global stage and women around the world,” Emmerich said in the statement. “Despite having recently celebrated the organization’s legacy of more than 70 years, we are just getting started.”

Both IMG and JKN Global Media have emphasized the importance of global partnerships,

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