Clearview AI Is Facing A $23 Million Fine Over Facial Recognition In The UK

The UK’s national privacy watchdog on Monday warned Clearview AI that the controversial facial recognition company faces a potential fine of £17 million, or $23 million, for “alleged serious breaches” of the country’s data protection laws. The regulator also demanded the company delete the personal information of people in the UK.

Photos in Clearview AI’s database “are likely to include the data of a substantial number of people from the UK and may have been gathered without people’s knowledge from publicly available information online, including social media platforms,” the Information Commissioner’s Office said in a statement on Monday.

In February 2020, BuzzFeed News first reported that individuals at the National Crime Agency, the Metropolitan Police, and a number of other police forces across England were listed as having access to Clearview’s facial recognition technology, according to internal data. The company has built its business by scraping people’s photos from the web and social media and indexing them in a vast facial recognition database.

In March, a BuzzFeed News investigation based on Clearview AI’s own internal data revealed how the New York–based startup marketed its facial recognition tool — by offering free trials for its mobile app or desktop software — to thousands of officers and employees at more than 1,800 US taxpayer-funded entities, according to data that runs up until February 2020. In August, another BuzzFeed News investigation showed how police departments, prosecutors’ offices, and interior ministries from around the world ran nearly 14,000 searches over the same period with

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Why is Time Management Important For a Business?

Time management is important in a business and is also one of the factors for the success and smooth running of a business. These activities must be completed based on a planned time frame. Employees can also improve their performance and career. The following is why time management is important for a business.

Time Management

Completing Work on Time

Time management helps companies and employees determine priorities for affairs and work, and can also assist in setting schedules or deadlines for activities and tasks to be completed. Thus, by implementing good management, companies and employees can complete business matters in a timely manner according to a predetermined schedule.

Good Performance Results

Time management can help employees complete work in a calm manner, so that it can be completed properly and precisely. Without good time management, employees will feel confused and not focus on doing work. They cannot determine the priority of work that must be completed first.

Proper Delegation of Tasks

Time management allows employees or companies to divide tasks. Employees will understand the limits of ability to complete the assigned tasks. So that tasks or jobs can be divided appropriately and can be completed on time.

Controlling Stress

The existence of piles of work, will make employees stressed and under pressure. Employees can complete work according to the scheduled time. Thus, employees avoid pressure and stress.

Prioritize Work

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Fox News Cameraman Pierre Zakrzewski Killed In Ukraine

A Fox News camera operator and a local producer who were covering the war in Ukraine have died after the vehicle in which they were traveling was struck by incoming fire, the network announced Tuesday.

Camera operator Pierre Zakrzewski’s death was announced in a memo to employees by Fox News Media CEO Suzanne Scott that was shared with BuzzFeed News. Scott said Zakrzewski, 55, died after coming under fire in Horenka, a village northwest of Kyiv, on Monday.

Scott later confirmed that Ukrainian journalist Oleksandra “Sasha” Kuvshynova was also killed in the same incident. The 24-year-old had been working for Fox as a producer, assisting the network’s crew.

Fox News correspondent Benjamin Hall was also injured in the attack and has been hospitalized in Ukraine.

“Pierre Zakrzewski was an absolute legend at this network and his loss is devastating,” anchor Bill Hemmer told Fox News viewers on Tuesday morning.

London-based Zakrzewski, who was Irish, had been in Ukraine since February, having previously covered multiple wars for Fox, including the conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria. In December, Fox News awarded him an “Unsung Hero” award to recognize his work.

“[Zakrzewski’s] talents were vast and there wasn’t a role that he didn’t jump in to help with in the field — from photographer to engineer to editor to producer — and he did it all under immense pressure with tremendous skills,” Scott wrote in her memo. “He was profoundly committed to telling the story and his bravery, professionalism, and work ethic

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