St. Louis area businesses support community after school shooting

No matter who you are or where you were when the news dropped, you likely felt a human connection. Now the business community is saying it’s time to help our own.

ST. LOUIS — Businesses all across the St. Louis area are joining forces to support the victims and survivors of this week’s tragedy. Some of them are asking their customers to chip in.

No matter who you are or where you were when the news dropped, you likely felt that human connection. Now the business community is saying, it’s time to help our own.

At Altered State Comics, it’s not just business as usual. Workers are still agonizing over Monday’s St. Louis school shooting.

“No kid should feel scared to go to school, go outside, walk to school, anything like that,” owner Brandon Forrest said.

It’s why he feels compelled to act, especially after he learned something about one of the teenage shooting survivors.

“He’s a big Manga fan, he’s our people. We know exactly what he’s talking about,” the comic enthusiast said.

So his comic store is teaming up with four others across the area to donate a portion of all proceeds throughout the weekend directly to those impacted. Those stores include Comic Headquarters in south St. Louis County, STL Comics in St. Charles, Apotheosis Comics in St. Louis and All American CCG in Waterloo, Illinois.

“That money is going to see it to the right place,” Forrest said.

They’re not alone in this mission.

“When I heard about this horrible tragedy Monday, I felt like I needed to step in and do something,” said area designer Emily Stahl.

She is known for selling designs that are everything St. Louis.

“The Arch, the fleur-de-lis, stuff like that,” she said.

Her products are available at The White Rabbit, RF Home Co., and Cozy Shop. Now, she’s focusing her efforts on a sticker that says “St. Louis Strong”. They are available for pre-order on her website. For $5 and 50 cents for shipping, she will mail it to you. All of those proceeds will go to the Central VPA school and the families of the victims.

“I’m starting with stickers but I’ve already had interests in shirts and hats,” she added.

Selflessness and compassion to simply say, we care.

“We’ve sold over 100 stickers so far and I just launched it last night on a whim so hoping that goes up from here,” Stahl said.

“I spend my days surrounded by superheroes and when someone asks you to do a little something, you can be somewhat of a superhero, it’s time to do it,” Forrest added.